The Era of the Heavenly Empress

Court Winds Down

Just a few quick notes: The Unicorn make peace with the Lion, and agree to share the city of the rich frog, with both clans having a presence and collecting taxes on alternate years. Moto Khan was so impressed with Akodo Sozen’s idea, he felt he could retire and leave the unicorn in a lasting peace.

Realizing the futility of the war against the Mantis and the Lion, Bayushi Tosen took Kakita Tiru’s advice, and proposed that instead of war, they send skilled investigators to aid the Mantis and the Lion in the coming war. The lion agreed, as long as they could vet the investagators. Otomo Kage vowed to be involved quietly, to ensure war was the final outcome of the investigations.

With Hida Ryozo marrying the Empress, it became quite in vogue to send gifts to the Crab.

Kitsu Kosho apologized to Soshuro Jimen for failing to capture Kikiyo, and resigned as an Emerald Magistrate.


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