Akodo Iroden

Akodo Iroden is a paragon of honor following the ways of bushido he seeks out that for which he is destin (to be a great general) yet is constantly reminded of his inexperience and mortallity


Akodo Iroden is cousin to Hoshi daymio, the lord of Fukaharashi, and is on a quest to regain the honor lost by his Grandfather when he abdicated from his lands and family duties to take the Family blade to war. In becoming a great general himself Iroden believes this will prove that his grandfather was right and clear his family name.

During his first encounter with Digatsu Jin, Iroden was struck down and tainted from the obsidian blade used in the battle. Though he survived Iroden gained a hate for all the lost and a new enemy in Jin.

During winter court Iroden proposed to Akodo Tsuki and in 1171 after returning from the wall he was informed his proposal would be accepted depending on his success at either the Fukaharshi tournament (which he lost in the first round) or the Seppun Guards training tournament (in which Iroden now places all his hopes)

Akodo Iroden

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