Toturi Namiko

Wife of Akodo Sozen


Ikoma Omoidasu 2
born 1155


Akodo Namiko was born Ikoma, and studied at the Omoidasu school She married Akodo Sozen and her family was ecstatic when Sozen’s cousin Akodo Hoshi was named the damiyo of Fukuharashi. While she is naturally shy, she knows her job and is an effective courtier, although she will let someone else take over whenever she can. She’s constantly watching Bayushi Saiori for fear that she’s dangerous for the Lion clan.

Soon after he arrived, Bayushi Yoshimi insulted her, saying she looked pregnant, when in fact she wasn’t. Sozen challanged him to a duel, and Kakita Tiru represented him and the Crane run the duel. Namiko worked hard to get pregnant afterwards, and just after the death of Hida Oki her son was born. She named him after the Crab bushi in his honour.

At the Fukuharishi Iajitsu Tournament of 1171, she beat Yoshimi, and it did a great deal for her confidence.

When Hoshi became the Heir to the Lion Clan Championship, Sozen was given Fukuharashi.

In the Spring of 1177, when Akodo Sozen was sworn to [[:hantei-xl | The Empress] as the new daimyo of the Toturi family, she joined him as Toturi Namiko.

Toturi Namiko

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