Akodo Shigerin

The Second Son of the Lion Clan Champion


born 1156


Shigerin has an exceptional eye for battle, and he’s seen as his father’s natural sucessor. Brave, bold, and decisive, he has never been defeated in battle. Some say he is almost more Matsu than Akodo, which Shigerin takes as a compliment. In 1172, he convinced his father to let him take the full Akodo Army and march on the Unicorn.

Unfortunately, Moto Chagatai had anticipated his plans, laying a trap for the army at Shiro Moto. While Kitsu Kosho and Bayushi Tosen managed to retrieve the Lion Clan War Banner from the depths of Shiro Moto, it was only that remarkable feat that allowed the almost-total destruction of the Akodo army to pass as a ‘victory’.

Due to his failure, Akodo Hoshi was named successor to the Lion Clan Championship.

Akodo Shigerin

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