Toturi Sozen

Brother to Akodo Hoshi. Cousin to Akodo Iroden. Dragon trained Lion. Daimyo of the Toturi Imperial Family


Spouse: Toturi Namiko
Children: Akodo Oki


In the year 1173, bested and killed Shosuro Jimen in an iaijitsu duel, claiming The Sword of the Emerald Champion, and the Emerald Mempo. Jimen challenged him as Sozen refused to name The Empress as the one true ruler of Rokugan and to swear to her, believing her presence on the throne to be part of a greater Kolat plot.

Afterward took the title of The Black Lion, to honor Toturi and Toturi’s dynasty.

He was later named as Rikugunshokan of The Kingdom of Yoritomo after leaving the Empire with the aid of Kitsu Kosho, and took the name of Toturi to avoid being linked to the Lion, and bring shame to the Akodo.

In the Spring of 1177 it was proven beyond all doubt that the deception of Yoritomo Hanako was responsible for the presence of the maho scrolls in the Kolat temple on Other Castle Island. As a result of there now being no doubt that the The Empress was truly the Maiden of Heaven, he returned to submit to her judgment, as well as to return the Emerald Mempo and The Sword of the Emerald Champion, which he surrendered to Hantei Ryozo. Rather than take his life, she cursed the line of Toturi to die 1000 times before Sozen would be redeemed. Thus, when Sozen died, his soul would be consigned to the Realm of Waiting until his curse was fulfilled.

In order to ensure he had the means to do so, The Empress reinstated the Toturi line, now as an Imperial Family dedicated to fighting Her enemies without mercy or regard for self-preservation. Thus the Black Wolf’s Legion became those that not only swore to Sozen, but that took the name Toturi.

Toturi Sozen

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