Akodo Tsuki

Courted by Akodo Iroden


Born 1151
No School


Akodo Tsuki is the daughter of Akodo Amatsu, a Chui in the Empress’s Legions. She tried the Akodo Bushi School, but she was not sucessful. When she failed, all she had going for her was the political connections her father offered. She did her best to learn the courtiers arts, but she knows she’ll have trouble being more than a treaty piece in her fathers career. She is quiet and serious, and does her best to do this duty.

In 1170 she was at the Sayorinogashi winter court and was offered to Akodo Hoshi. When he announced his engagement to Bayushi Saiori, his cousin, Akodo Iroden began to court her. He has no inheritience of his own, and is attempting to make the marraige work based on his potential as a general.

Amatsu is interested in the brash young warrior, and agreed to attend the Fukuharashi Tournament in 1171. When Iroden lost, he gave him one more chance to marry Tsuki, who plans to do her duty, no matter what.

The Special Sunrise Tournament 1172 was arranged to test Iroden’s skills as a general. His victory secured the marriage contract, and Tsuki returned to Fukuharishi with him.

Akodo Tsuki

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