Omar Alhaggar grew up a shipwright’s son, in the city of Senpal. His heritage gave him a leg up on other children from the beginning. He and his brother grew up learning from his father’s skill at his profession and Omar himself was being groomed to take over, when his father died suddenly, under uncertain circumstances.

At the age of only 14, Omar took control of his father’s household, and claimed the family name of Al-Haggar for his own (like his father before him). Much to the dismay of predatory businessmen, he thwarted any attempt to ursurp him from his rightful place in his household with ease. In one such attempt his brother Zaphire-Alhaggar was kidnapped, used against him as leverage, and at the end of it all, presumed dead. With a heavy heart Al-Haggar strengthened his resolve and continued pressing on in his goals. No one ever figured the 14 year old would be a Genius of Commerce.

Now at the age of 25, Al-Haggar has 7 wives (a sign of great power), 10 sons and the ear of the Sultan. His love for foreign artifacts and new stories make his home a welcoming place for foreigners.

He was in the process of trying to ban slaves from one of the 7 kingdoms of ivory, in hopes that the other six will follow suit. This had made him many enemies in the kingdom he serves, but he knew it would. “Great men did not become great by doing easy things; they did great things”. It was in the process of becoming a greater man still that he lost an arm in a duel with a rival household, his son Jenmax followed two strangers into the desert never to be seen again, and one of his wives was kidnapped and killed when he refused to surrender his house and name to an enemy.

Yet while he persevered through all of this, the arrival of ships from the men of Merenae has left the city devastated, and while the Rokugani The Great Warrior Pilgrimage liberated both the city and his family, it is doubtful that the outsiders from across the sea will so readily abandon the riches of Senpal after all they have lost…



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