Bayushi Kitsunejo and Kitsuneko

Scorpion Bushi Twins


Born 1155


Kitsunejo and Kintsuneko (or Ko and Jo to their friends) had a Kitsune father who was disgraced. They work to restore their families honour through service in the clan. Slightly mischevious in their senses of humour, and willing to dress as each other, the main way to spot them when they switch masks (as Ko’s is like Jo’s, but with a bow on the air) is that Jo is a swordsman and Ko is an archer.

They served under Buyushi Tosen in the unicorn route of 1170, and followed him to Sayorinogashi winter court and the Kaiu wall.

Kitsuneko was slain in The Great Warrior Pilgrimage 1173, for which Jo has not forgiven those involved…

Bayushi Kitsunejo and Kitsuneko

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