Bayushi Otsune

The Head of Scorpion House until 1171


Bayushi Courtier
B 1115


Bayushi Otsune exposed Ikoma Benjiro at the 1169 Sayorinogashi Winter Court with the help of a Kuni Witchhunter. She then arranged to be the head of Scorpion house in Fukuharashi to assist Akodo Hoshi in ensuring the maho was cleansed from the land. She was assisted by Bayushi Yoshimi and Bayushi Saiori.

Saiori was instructed to seduce Hoshi. She guided Yoshimi, but eventually the two servants went to Hida Maki, a Kuni Witchhunter, and informed her that Otsune was a maho. When this was brought to Akodo Hoshi at the Sayorinogashi 1170 Winter Court, he slew her.

Bayushi Otsune

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