Akodo Saiori

The wife of Akodo Hoshi, Scorpion Temptress


Bayushi Courtier 1, Scorpion Tempter 1
Born 1155


Bayushi Saiori came to Fukuharashi at Bayushi Otsune’s insistance. Otsune’s research revealed Akodo Hoshi had a real love of the shamisen, and a beautiful woman talented in the instrument would be helpful in controlling the new damiyo.

Saiori did her job well. She quickly seduced Hoshi, and began visiting the damiyo’s palace at night in disguise. Kitsu Kosho discovered her, but kept quiet to protect his damiyo. Soon after Akodo Iroden figured out what was going on. To protect themselves from the honourbound cousin, Hoshi told him they planned to marry as soon as they had the permission of Ikoma Biru, the provinical govenor in Sayorinogashi. A secret treaty was worked out, where the Scorpion would provide men for battle against the Unicorn, and the wedding would seal the deal.

When winter court came around in 1170, Biru announced that he had a number of suitors for his new servant to chose from. Iroden nearly anounced the secret treaty, but Bayushi Yoshimi stepped in and managed to arrange a second treaty, leaving Hoshi heavily indebted to the Scorpion.

While Hoshi led a war against the Unicorn in 1171, Saiori worked with Akodo Sozen to run Fukuharashi.

The treaty was finalized at the winter court at Ryoko Owari, and in the spring of 1172, she was married, taking the Akodo name and setting aside her mask, although she still prefers a great deal of makeup.

Akodo Saiori

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