Bayushi Yoshimi

A Scorpion courtier concerned first and foremost with himself.


Born 1155
Bayushi Courtier Rank 2
Scorpion Defiler


Bayushi Yoshimi came to Fukuharashi with Bayushi Otsune as one of her aides de camp. He soon became the patron of the local tea house. He chafed under Otsune’s command. At winter court in 1170 at Sayorinogashi, he arranged Akodo Hoshi and Bayushi Saiori wedding officially. Otsune became furious, and tested Saiori and Yoshimi’s loyalty.

They failed.

Knowing what was coming, Yoshimi hurried to Hida Maki and accused Otsune of maho. Hoshi executed her on the spot. Yoshimi was punished by being sent to the wall with the Lion detachment and is currently trying to get back in the good graces with the Scorpions.

Bayushi Yoshimi

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