Bayushi Tosen

Scorpion Bushi School, Rikugunshokan of the Scorpion Clan


Born 1155
Scorpion Bushi School

Earth – 2

  • Stamina – 2
  • Willpower – 2

Water – 3

  • Strength – 3
  • Perception – 3

Fire – 4

  • Agility – 4
  • Intellegence – 4

Air – 3

  • Reflexes – 4
  • Awareness – 3

Void – 4

Tosen favors a No Dachi when he fights and take a more defensive , stike at the right moment approch.

He Enjoys Giajin Iteams and has aquired a large war horse from the Unicorn.


1170 — Bayushi Tosen was fresh out of the Scorpion Bushi school when he and 99 other classmates were sent to the front lines of the Lion/Unicorn war. In an attempt to strengthen the bond between the Scorpion and Lion, it was decided that a contingent of troops would be sent as a show of support to Akodo Hoshi of the Lion Clan.

As the Battles raged, Tosen lusted for the Glory that accompanied war. His main goal, to be a better General then his father Yogo Tenso (a honored general in the scorpion legion) although first he needs to live long enough to become one. His pursute of his dream was nearly cut short when the squad he was serving in found themselves outnumbered and outflanked by the Unicorn. With the quick planning of the Scorpion and feirceness of the Matsu Beserkers they held the attack to a draw.

After his stint of the front lines Bayushi Otsune had him transferred to Fukuharashi to assist her with some problems she was having. The Night before he arrived Otsune was cut down by the Hoshi Damiyo for supposedly being a maho. As Otsune had helped Tosen many times in the past he suspects fowl play and has his suspicions as to who might have set her up. Tosen is almost positive Siori is to blame but isnt jumping to any forgone conclusions. He will continue on his path until the chance arises that he can learn the truth.

Bayushi Tosen then spent a season on the wall under the command of Akodo Iroden. He has seen the potential in Iroden that could just as easily doom the young Lion. If Iroden succeeds in fufilling his potental Tosen would be more then willing to ride his coat tails to the top. On the other hand Tosen is ready to abandon a sinking ship at anythime. His time on the wall proved valueable to his glory and his career. He even recieved a special gift from the Crab Clan Champion for the contingents valued efforts on the wall.

The trip back home was less of a pleasure for Tosen. As pleasurable as ryoko-awari is, it can be absolute hell for an up and coming scorpion. He found himself serving under Kitsu Kosho, the newly appointed Emerald magistrate. During his stay there, a covert attack on the opium trade started a civil war between the 3 Scorpion families. Ordered by his lord Manogi to stay out of the fighting he could only sit and watch as the Bayushi’s were tricked and ground down to nothing.

Tosen happily found a position back in Lion lands leading scorpion troops. In Lion lands he only has to worry about 2 scorpions landing a knife between his shoulder blades Yoshimi and Siori. With that in mind he once again devoted himself to the Glory of the scorpion and his duty in the Lion/Unicorn War.

Tosen Wartime journal

May 1, 2011 (cange dates later once i know)

I am begining to hate my trips back to Scorpion lands. Although it is nice to be training once again, Everyone wants something from you. Yes that is true of everyone in this world, but my brethern will do whatever it takes to acomplish there goals….Me included.
I have been given the honor of leading scorpion troops against the Unicorn in the up coming war under The little General. Little General, The only thing that is little about Iroden is his capacity for thinking ahead. He may be the death of us all this time. Last time on the Crab wall it felt like I was a puppet master pulling the strings of a stuborn block of wood. The funny thing is he thinks every Idea is his own. He is a dangerous man who will stop at nothing to become the Greatest Lion general of his time. I dont think he relizes that to do that you need to stop doing everthing his forefathers have already tried. He will sacrafice everyone to accomplish what he thinks is his desteny. This time I need to distance my self from his side if i want to stay alive.

May 21, 2011

A wise “accomplished” general one told me. “Never Chase the tides” it has perplexed me for the past several weeks. Why would someone chase the tide? it will be back in the same place by the morning. Then it dawned on me, when a force seems to be retreating, pressing to hard on there heels may get you in over your head. I feel stupid for not relizing it earlier. The Unicorns Mobility is perfect for out maneuvering and will definately be the hardest challenge yet. We have our own calvery but none that could outrun me let alone a experienced Moto. Right now we are under the lead of Akodo Hoshi so I feel with him in charge we should be fine for now.

May 26, 2011

Todays meeting surprised me. A day ago we came into sight of Spearpoint City, a Unicorn occupied -fortified city surrounded by walls with a lake running into the city. Hoshi brought us into the meeting to get the gunzo’s opinions. Surprisingly everyone was farely quite. I needed to voice my opinions about how to proceed and was met with a surprising open mindedness from Hoshi. I had believed from the beging that since i was a “lowly” scorpion that i would be discounted as having nothing to offer the GREATEST ARMY IN THE EMPIRE. I have found a messure of respect for this Lion. Now lets hope our plans work.

may 27, 2011

These Moto are tuff Bastards. One Challenged me to a duel today and although I struck first I couldnt strike hard enough to put him down. It became a skirmish quickly and only by the grace of Bayushi did I servive. I will need to keep my wits about me going ahead. In any case We won the first offensive and have pushed them into a defensive position inside the city.

I am worried now. Hoshi has left with his Legion and relinquished comand to Iroden for the seige of spearpoint city. He is not as receptive to my plans as hoshi was but I found out that is i make it feel like he suggested it he has no problem. What does it matter, he was going to take the credit anyways. I guess I just have to be happy that he doesnt have an absolutely suicidal plan…..this time.

May 29, 2011

FUCK, Iroden is an Idiot. We devise a plan for to divide our forces among the 2 Gates with a Scorpion/lion contingent on one side and the rest of the force on the other. The plan was to have the Scorpion, along with the Lion engineers, block of the eastern exit while maintaining a high presense to steer them towards the West gate and having the battle there. Everything would have worked but at the last minute he sends a Fucking Omadatsu to anounce that he is on OUR side. What did he think, that his sheer presence would scare the Unicorn to the West? Or did he think the Unicorn were not honorable enough to meet him head on in a fight? The only saving grace was Akodo Sozen, a man I have come to respect. He fights with the feirceness of a death seeker but in the Dargon Style. He was put in charge of the Calvery for this Legion and I can see why. Although he is no Unicorn on a horse he is a man that would ride head first into any battle to accomplishe the goals he has put in place. I have never seen a better man with a sword. His skill is unparreled. He would dutifully die for his waste of skin of a cousin to further see there there family and his own elevated. Though I dont think this is without thought. He does what he has to while under the comand of others but if he was put in charge of a legion i believe you would see a different man. One who actually cares for his soldiers rather than use them as sheilds for his glory. He rode into our battle and seized control of the situation fast.

I credit Sozen for the win of the Second battle at Spearpoint city. We have pushed the Moto back to within the city and will start the city warfare in the morning.

May 29, 2011

The Battle Started and the Scorpion Clamed the rooves with our archers and Kitsu Kosho, He is one of the best Archers that I have ever seen. It leads me to believe that to be an extrodinary Lion you need to train outside of the lion schools.

Our scouts were busy the night before sabotaging the ramps to make sure the Horsman could not escape. Little did we know that the Unicorn think like the Scorpion. They set fires in unision throughout the city occupied by the Lion. This was a good move and not expected. maybe my wits are been drained from being around these brutish Lion but I should have expected that…or thought of it myself. During the fight Kosho and I had the opportunity to take out the archers. I am thankful that Kosho is a quick shot as I was running there he stuck pins in three, but as learned earlier they dont want to go down. I had to focus on avoiding being hit and taking percise hard strikes. Kosho fell and it was me Vs 4. I have never been so afriad in my life but the fear drowned out to focus and i fell 2 in sucsesion. The others knowing the battle was a forgone conclusion, which wasnt thought from me, offered me their Wakashashi to end there lives.

I will admit, these Unicorn intreage me.

I am still alive, Bayushi must have a plan for me.

May 31, 2011

The Tides went out today and The Lion Chased it. I suppose I could have done more to stop them but a scorpion doesnt know Battle. I convinced him that it would be a good Idea to fortify the city and left a Lion incharge of my scorpion to hold the city. I understand why but the lack of respect or at least an explination is insulting.

It doesnt matter. I have another plan. My scouts and I are going to get the Lion banner from the Unicorn…..or die trying.

June 2, 2011

That swamp was rediculous. How can the Lion not se this trap coming? Iroden must know, I mean, he isnt as dumb as probably lead on. He just doesnt look at all the angles. The first plan that comes to mind he sticks with and forces the win from that stand point. It has worked so far…….he must have some Usagi lineage.

A scout has found a way in to the Shinjo Castle. I will take a scout and Kearu with me, i have put myself in a position to fail, and failing is death.

June 4, 2011

Things didnt go quite as planned…….Let me start from the beginging.

We started our undercover assult as the lion pushed into the first castle gate. As we started into the castle I came across Kitsu Kosho who was scouting on his own. I had an Idea that he could be useful as I havent come across too many archers his equal. That was my mistake. I had thought that since I served him so descreatly in scorpion lands I would have a little trust in this operation.

Moving on with him we came across a small group of gaurds we could sneak past or quitely take them out. Although sneaking past would have been easier, they would only be waiting to meet us on our way out. We took care of them rather quickly but Kosho received a blade deep to the chest. With the “Unwavering help from the scorpion” Kearu healed him with the Kami’s blessing.

We moved on with the plan. Quitely enter without raising a fuss and find the coffers of the Unicorn. we remained unhindered until we came to our goal. Waiting for us were 4 Moto white guard. The “scout” we brought was charged with leading away as many as possible. Kosho to back down the hall firing the burage of arrows I have come to expect from him and Kearu could do as he pleased. I would wait for a white gaurd, chasing Kosho,to come into my feild of vision and flank him.

As the plan came to pass, the scout lead 2 white guard in hot persuit down the adjacent hallway Kearu disappeard and Kosho went to work. Kosho must have let of 20 arrows and it looked as though he barley even slowed the last two down. He came charging down the hall and was on Kosho like a bad cold. I stepped out and slashed at the Moto hard. I wasnt suprised that Kosho went down again, nor was i surprised that the White guard slashed back at me. What surprised me was the speed in which he had done it. I was lucky to have been able to finish the battle at all. I could barely stand after the fight and I was dreading turning to help Kearu in his effort. To my surprise Kearu was standing alone by the vault door. Even with the full mask on I could feel his gaze saying “What took you so long”. He may be the scariest person I know, I am glad he is on my side.

We entered the Vault and found our prize. I wanted nothing else from the Vault as it would be known eventually who entered and I dont want these Stone men coming and nocking at my door if they arnt going to already. I wish I could go back in time and leave Kosho to his fate but I still thought him as a trusted friend. We took the time for Kearu to Heal Kosho to get him out safely. There was no reason in my mind to think that he would so quickly turn his back on us.

When leaving with the Banner I thought it best to sneak it out as it looked as though the Akodo army was at its end. Kosho had other plans and argued with me that we should take it to the Army to help the fight. I can see his point, his brethern were dieing infront of him and he had something that could turn the tides and although not win them the battle maybe save a few lives. That is being a good clansman. So when he took the banner and ran from us to the General I only thought about cutting him down breifly. It was Kearu that again saved the day, I wasnt thinking ahead at that moment but Kosho was going to take the credit for the banner himself. Kearu beat him to the punch and made it known that the Scorpion with the help of Kosho retrieved the banner. to my surprise Kosho then became Mantis. Proclaiming that I would have tried to sneak it out and leave everyone to die. Proclaiming me a Traitor to the Lion and that it was lucky that he was there to stop my evil ways.

I dont know why It shocked me so. Maybe it was the fact that I had so readily served him in the City of Lies through ALL his endeavors, maybe it was the fact that the scorpion made sure he was still breathing so he could spout his drival. I guess it was always the fact that I over looked some aspect of Kitsu Kosho. I didnt want to believe that his time in Mantis lands had effected him as it had. I know now that I will never trust Yoritomo Kosho again and one day he will die by my hand.

June 21, 2011

It was a long trek back to lion lands. The Unicorn were on our heals the whole way. To my surprise the Lion actually suceeded in bringing the Banner back home with a couple of the akodo army left. Akodo Sozen had the honor of riding the Banner back to Lion Lands. I find that appropreate for him to carry it, as long as it isnt that bastard Kosho. I am begining to re-think my position on Akodo Iroden. It seems he is smart enough to look at all the angles it is just in his way to take the hard road most times. To his credit he approched Hoshi about the impending trap and they devised a stratagy to compensate and allow the akodo army to have a chance to escape.

When we returned to Lion Lands, to the rest of the lions credit, they did not mention the nasty words Kosho had bought up. In fact I got a personal audiance with the Lion Clan Champion and he bestowed land upon me. Things are looking up for me and Yoshimi. This has to make us look good to Panaki-Sama.
end war time journal

Tosen remained quite over the next three months. He spent his time setting up his new Lands and practicing for the Empresses Hand Tournament. He and Yoshimi were ordered to accompany Bayushi Panaki to a Court to decide where the most important winter court in years would be held. Every Clan wanted the glory of hosting the Tournament for the Empress and the Scorpion were no different. To their surprise Panaki placed Bayushi Yoshimi in charge of the Negotiations and Tosen was ment to back him up in any way possible.

Tosen first met with his old friend Isawa Benasu and was greeted with hostility from her Betrothed, a Duelest of the Pheniox Clan, and started fruitful negotiations to ensure the Pheniox support of the Scorpion Bid for winter court.

As court raged on Tosen and Yoshimi worked hard to broker deals and decide which deals to make or break. In court Yoshimi surprised Tosen by anouncing bluntly that the Scorpion would back out of the Lion/Unicorn war to bolster a peace between the 2 great clans. This to back the Pheniox in there attack against the Mantis.

In the End a deal between the Scorpion and the Pheniox won the Scorpion the Bid. Although the price may have been to high for the scorpion to pay.

The Empress Hand Tournement and Winter Court…….

Bayushi Tosen

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