Doji Kwanchai

Conservative Crane courtier, with dreams of the good old days.


Born the fifth child of small family with distant ties to the Doji leadership, the man now known as Doji Kwanchai had no future. By the time he was born the family’s wealth and influence had been used to ensure his brothers and sisters had appointments at the finest Crane dojo, and would in turn go on to become servants of the greatest clan in the Empire. He however received no appointments and was expected to die in service of the clan on the front lines as a ji-samurai. He was even given the most unassuming name of Goro.

He had other plans.

During a dinner his father had planned with visiting dignitaries from other clans Goro invited himself, having spent the previous five weeks assembling the perfect outfit by using his fathers name with the local tailors and learning as much as he could about the guests who were to arrive. Despite the fact he was unwelcome, he was able to prevent a gaffe his second brother would have made by twisting his words into a compliment. His father was furious at his appearance and presumption, but Goro managed to impress a Scorpion who had attempted to orchestrate the faux pas, and was able to parlay that into an appointment at the Bayushi Courtier dojo in the City of Lies.

Kwanchai has worked hard to leave his family behind, as he sees them as parochial and unworldly compared to his experiences amongst the Scorpion, and further they were ardent supporters of the Toturi dynasty, which he always felt meant a weak Empire. Kwanchai longs for a Golden Age in the Empire and sees the return of the Hantei line to the throne a new beginning. Though trained by the Scorpion, Kwanchai is a loyal servant of the Crane and the Empress and works toward a return to the way the Empire was before the Clan Wars and strife of the last few generations.

Doji Kwanchai

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