Hida Oki

A Crab clan bushi that was in Lion lands fufilling a treaty obligation. Killed in battle with Diagotsu Jin. Brother to Hida Maki.


His death Haiku reads as such

Tsui ni yuku
minazuki suzushi
mune kiyoshi

At last I am leaving:
in rainless skies, a cool moon…
pure is my heart

In the final battle against Diagotsu Jin | Daigotsu Jin]], he returned to the mortal realm for a handful of moments as a spirit composed entirely of Jade, shattering the Tainted protection Jin had summoned around himself. Thanks to his aid, Akodo Iroden was able to use his family blade, enchanted with a powerful Earth spell, to imprison Jin, ending his threat to the mortal realms.

Hida Oki

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