Isawa Banasu

A friendly and devious Pheonix Courtier


Born 1153
Asoko Courtier


Isawa Banasu never had the insight into the mystical her family is famous for. Instead she has an insight into people. She serves her family as a courtier, and is more active and aggressive than most of her kinsmen find appropriate. She enjoys defying their expectations.

In 1171 she was her family’s representative to the Sunrise Tournament. There, she tried to gain an advantage on the Scorpion team by seducing Buyushi Tosen. He carried a Pheonix medalion as well as Scorpion and when he held them aloft, the Seppun believed a Pheonix Scorpion alliance was the intended meaning. The request must be split.

Banasu made no indication that she felt betrayed…

Isawa Banasu

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