Kakita Kara

A Lion thought killed at Shiro Moto, now mysteriously returned to the living


Born 1155
Matsu Beserker Rank 4, Matsu Duelist 1
Died 1172
Returned 1173


Matsu Kara finds her honour to be a constant struggle. She wants to do her best, to impress her mother, Matsu Juri, but struggles to win her approval. She is close to Kitsu Diaki who also doesn’t always fit in well with the other Lion.

She fell in love with Kakita Tiru the first time they met. She began to study iajitsu to impress him. She’s better at Kenjitsu and won the 1170 weapon side of the Fukuharashi Tournament. She didn’t win the iajitsu but she impressed Matsu Ise, who invited her to the Matsu duelist school. Even though Tiru was taken by the Jade Magistrates, and my not return, she still attended.

Juri arranged for Kara to be engaged to Diaki, and she is not pleased with this turn of events.

In the duel, she and Tiru both renounced their families, and escaped to the life of the Ronin.

After only a few month as a ronin, the constant uncertainty of the lifestyle convinced Kara to join the deathseekers, and regain her name. She died fighting the Unicorn at Shiro Moto.

In 1173, Kara was returned to life by the Fortune of Death, Emma-O. She and Kakita Tiru were quickly married, with her taking the name Kakita Kara. While word quickly spread that she had been brought by Emma-O to wed Tiru, there were some that were not pleased by this turn of events. Thus, she went to Dragon lands to further her training there as a duelist. She also dyed her hair white, growing it long enough to cover one of her eyes to hide her known heterochromia.

Kakita Kara

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