Moshi Kikiyo

Kitsu Diaki's true love


born 1155
Moshi Shugenja


Kitsu Diaki meet Kikiyo while studying in Mantis Lands, and feel in love with her at a young age. She has always been a part of his life, but he managed to offend her betrothed, who demanded a duel to the death.

To everyone’s shock, Diaki not only accepted, but agreed to a kenjitsu duel. Diaki won, but Kikiyo said she was not certain what he had become, and looked at him as a monster. Her family took her back to Mantis lands.

After slaying Kakita Masumune when his defeat of Kitsu Diaki led to the latter’s seppuku, she traveled to Crane lands. There, she burnt the Kenshinzen dojo to the ground, slaying three more of the famed duelists with her magic, before fleeing to the holdings of the The Serpent of the East.

When Kakita Tiru asked after her during the discovery of the Orochi ronin family, and after, Yoritomo Hanako said that she had died fighting the gajin…

Moshi Kikiyo

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