Moto Michimo

Unicorn Tasia


born 1140


Michimo was the Tasia who held Western Paw village when Akodo Hoshi first arrived in Fukuharashi. When Akodo Iroden ran him out, Moto was impressed and named him “The Little General” using the same little that’s in Shinsie’s “The Little Teacher”

Michimo is a giant of a man, wrapped in fur. He’s loud, friendly, and rather unsamurai like, a slight overlooked due to his skill as a bushi.

After being defeated by Iroden during the great The Lion-Unicorn War 1172, he was taken as a ‘guest’ by the Lion. It was decided by the first four members of The Council of Thunders that his progressive and open-minded nature would make him a perfect candidate to join, which he did towards the end of 1173.

Moto Michimo

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