Kakita Notsuran

A disgraced Mantis Magistrate, now sworn to Kakita Tiru


born 1156
Was Tsuruchi


A Tsuruchi magistrate who was quite good at her job, she tracked the Serpent of the East to one of the Mantis ports. She was unable to apprehend her, and the Serpent threatened to kill her family if she told anyone who she truly was. Terrified for her younger sister, she left her clan.

When she was hired by Togia to help kill Kakita Tiru, she was unable to finish the Crane, and stole away from her companions with his unconscious body. She left a false trail, and hid Tiru in a peasant village to heal.

She assisted him in returning to Lonely Lotus Gardens, and in thanks for her assistance, then and later in Nanashi Mura, he agreed to allow her to stay in his city.

She then swore herself to the service of Tiru just before Winter Court 1173, and became Kakita Notsuran.

In the spring of 1177, it was revealed that she had become the victim of a powerful Kolta brainwashing. After Usagi Kenji revealed there was no known way to save her, Kakita Tiru reluctantly cut her down, apologizing as he did so.

Kakita Notsuran

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