Otomo Kage


Otomo Kage was originally of the Kitsune family, before it was incorporated into the Mantis. Having always had a head for figures and sums, Kage spoke out against having the Kitsune family join the Mantis, in exchange for the Mantis providing all the food and support the minor clan would need. He has his own plan to spare his clan from what he saw as a fate of being subservient to a larger power that had little interested in the duty of the Kitsune. Unfortunately, a Moshi shugenja took such great offense that she called on the Fire Kami to burn out one of his eyes, and as Kage was only part of a minor clan, he couldn’t avenge himself, and was forced to watch as the Kitsune Minor Clan became a family name as part of the Mantis.

While he had lost his standing with the Mantis as a result of his actions, the Otomo were always looking for ways to ensure the various Great Clans were kept on their toes. Recognizing that Kage was a skilled courtier as well as his hatred for the newly formed Mantis, they were quick to extend a marriage opportunity to him, one that he accepted eagerly.

Now as part of the Imperial families, he works to further their agenda, and always takes great pleasure in ensuring that their agenda runs contrary to the Mantis’ as much as possible.


Otomo Kage

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