Shosuro Kia

A badly burned Shinobi


Shosuro Shinobi
Born 1153


Kia is in service of Shosuro Manoji. He was sent to retrieve the scrolls stolen by Yogo Shiomen, but he stumbled onto one of Shiomen’s wards and was badly burned. He barely recovered by the time that the second wave of support, in the form of Buyushi Tosen arrived. He shared all his information, and when Tozen recovered the scroll, he sent Kia to Manoji with the prize, allowing him to save face.

Kia’s burns limit his ability to move without notice now, but he is grateful to Tozen, and is willing to work with him again.

In 1172, he joined Tozen’s squad to attack the Unicorn under Iroden.

Shosuro Kia

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