Shosuro Manoji

Bayushi Yoshimi's Uncle


Born 1143
Bayushi Courtier


Shosuro Manoji is actually Bayushi Yoshimi’s father’s cousin, but Yoshimi calls him uncle for simplicity’s sake. Manoji is a friendly, affaible man, who is a little strange, some might say kooky, and is therefore a little off putting. Those who know him consider this another mask, for his eyes are constantly absorbing the world.

From 1168 to 1170, he was serving the Scorpion Champion directly, and it was rather well known that he was a major link in the Clan’s spy network. He would often arrive with scrolls Bayushi Paneki would read and then change his mind or tact. He was known to appear suddenly in places he was not expected, arriving at Toshi Ranbo or Kyuden Kakita when he was least expected. Bayushi Kaeru and Buyushi Tosen both served him directly.

In the Month of the Monkey in 1171, he became a Sensie at the Dojo of Lies in Ryoko Owari. It is unknown whether this is a reward for service, a punishment for error, or something entirely different.

Shosuro Manoji

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