Togashi Sakura

Dragon philosopher of bushido


Left on the steps of the High House of Light as a baby during the last storm of winter and found the morning after unharmed, the ize zumi of the Dragon were impressed; not by the appearance of the baby, while remarkable, but the fact that whoever left the baby was able to make the journey up the Great Climb in such harsh weather. As is their custom, the Togashi took the child as one of their own.

It became obvious early on that the boy was not suited for the teachings of the ize zumi. He never learned kaze-do, and instead spent time with his Mirumoto brethren learning the way of the sword. When he wasn’t practicing his kata, he poured over history texts and tracts on bushido finding them to resonate more than the riddles of the tao.

The boy gained an audience with his lord Satsu and asked to attend the Iron Mountain Dojo to become a swordsmaster so he could serve his lord as best as he knew: as the samurai he was and not to follow the monastic traditions of the Togashi. Satsu granted the boy his wish and upon his gempekku, he received his daisho instead of the normal mystical tattoos along with the name Sakura, which he chose in remembrance of his being found that early spring day.

Since then, Sakura has gone out into the Empire to learn more of bushido as it is practiced by samurai, and not the dry black and white concepts that were first laid out by Akodo. Acting as a minor emissary for his then lord and now Togashi Maya, Sakura strives to show the empire that the Dragon are as devoted to the tenants of bushido as much as any samurai, even coming from the enigmatic Togashi.

Devoted to bushido, exemplified first by his service to the Dragon and also to Akodo Hoshi, walking in the footsteps of the great hero Doji Reju. Sakura is without guile and adheres ridgidly to the tenets of bushido, sometimes to his detriment, as he comes across as opinionated and a little naive when he ever sees a samurai transgress against any of the seven virtues.

Sakura is a humble pious man, and spends much of his time in quiet introspection as he is writing a set of seven scrolls about bushido. He is eager to engage anyone in conversation about his favourite subject, or the glorious history of the Empire, though he does tend toward the long-winded.

Togashi Sakura

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