Yoritomo Hanako

The Bushi Daughter of the Mantis Clan Champion


Born 1156
Daughter of Yoritomo Naizen


Hanako, the elder of the Mantis Clan Champion’s twins, trained at her clan’s Bushi school, and shows exceptional talent according to her sensie. She is extremely pragmatic, and hopes to lead her clan someday. She already commands a kobune, and it is said that her military career is being held back by her father’s unwillingness to show her favourtism, so he does not promote her on merit to avoid accusations of nepotism.

She is currently engaged to be wed to Kitsu Kosho, and is accompanying Akodo Sozen and his forces to search for the Serpent of the East in the year 1173.

Hanako was revealed to be the Serpent of the East, and to have started a ‘minor clan’, the Orochi clan, in response to Shoshuro Jimen’s decree that the Mantis were not allowed to announce to the rest of the Clans an impending attack upon the Empire by gajin ships.

She participated in The Great Warrior Pilgrimage 1173, even saving Akodo Sozen’s life when his ship was blasted apart by gajin pepper cannons. She was one of the few survivors to return to Rokugan. While she enjoyed great popularity for a number of months, as Winter Court 1173 began, she was summoned by Shosuro Jimen. There, she stood trial, as attempts were made to determine whether she was a true servant of the Empire, or whether her actions had brought down the wrath of the gajin to Rokugan.

While on trial, her temper exploded at the constant accusations leveled against her by Otomo Kage, and she accused The Empress of being a Kolat plant. While Akodo Sozen of all people supported her, they were both taken away and held as guests in the basement prisons of Kyuden Doji.

While she was visited by Kitsu Kosho, and told him confidently that she would be able to escape, it was ultimately Kakita Tiru, the Dark Crane, that slew her, after arming her with kamas so that the battle would be a fair fight.

Yoritomo Hanako

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