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  • Hida Oki

    His death Haiku reads as such Tsui ni yuku minazuki suzushi mune kiyoshi At last I am leaving: in rainless skies, a cool moon... pure is my heart In the final battle against [[:diagotsu-jin]] | …

  • Hantei Ryozo

    Hida Ryozo is a good Maegashira class Sumie wrestler who has been to the last two winter courts. Nothing about the happy man stands out, in spite of his size. When the Empress made her announcement that she would marry the man who won the iajitsu …

  • Hiruma Fuyari

    With a natural head for numbers, it was determined at a young age that Fuyari could serve his family better by training with the Yasuki and bringing wealth. In 1172, he was at [[Lonely Lotus Garden | Lonely Lotus Garden]] negotiating a trade of Tetsubu …

  • Hida Bie

    Hida Bie's great grandmother was a Kakita, and when his grandparents married, his great grandfather was given a Kakita crafted sword. In 1169, the blade was shattered by an Oni in the Shadowlands. Believing that reforging the blade with the Kiau …

  • Hida Kuon

    Hida Kuon was a bushi and berserker of the Crab Clan. He was the son of Hida Yasamura and Hida O-Ushi, twin brother of Hida Kuroda, husband to Hida Reiha and father to two sons, Hida Kisada and Hida Ren. Kuon became the Crab Clan Champion in 1159 " …

  • Kuni Masayuki

    Kuni Masayuki is entirely dedicated to his clan. He is a master of both the Kuni Shugenja techniques, and battle itself. He often leads troops, especially the Beserkers of the damned, into battle, and he is considered fearless. He trains young shugenja …

  • Hida Sasume

    Sasume is a dedicated Crab Tasia. In 1172, he served as [[:yasuki-jinn-kuen | Yasuki Jinn-Kuen's]] Yojimbo for the winter.

  • Hida Wazuki

    Hida Wazukii was assigned as [[:kuni-masayuki | Kuni Masayuki's ]] Yojimbo for the 1172 Winter Season. He believes was done to give him an honourable reason to leave the wall and try and win the Empress's Hand Tournament.

  • Hida Kisada

    Returning from the dead in the war of spirits, Hida Kisida did not reclaim the crab clan championship, but left if with his grandson. He died at the 1172 wintercourt for the second time. It may have been night rot, but it may have been night milk.

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