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  • Detsukuni

    A land beyond the Burning Sands. Not much is known, but the Detsujin have straw coloured hair, and strange ice coloured eyes. They speak with harsh accents, and seem distant or angry. A family of Detsujin serve at Ryoko Owari's House of Forien …

  • The Sword of Kalima

    Kalima is the many armed daughter of Fu-Leng and the Moon, imprisoned far to the north of Rokugan. When she faced [[:kakita-tiru | Kakita Tiru]] and [[:usagi-ariso | Usagi Ariso]], the hare struck her and she dropped one of her blades, which Tiru …

  • Gerta

    Gerta was a [[Detsukuni | Detsujin]] found dead on the southern shores of the River of Gold by [[:hida-maki | Hida Maki]]. Gerta was sacrificed to Onnotangu, and Maki is looking for her killers. Gerta was a Geisha at the House of Foreign Stories.

  • Jiro

    His mother was exiled for some as of yet undisclosed reason. Jiro returned to Rokugan, but had never been beyond the lands of Silk and Spice. He was working with the Orochi pirates, but when captured by [[:kitsu-diaki | Kitsu Diaki]]. He agreed to …

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