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  • Kakita Kara

    Matsu Kara finds her honour to be a constant struggle. She wants to do her best, to impress her mother, Matsu Juri, but struggles to win her approval. She is close to [[:kitsu-diaki | Kitsu Diaki]] who also doesn't always fit in well with the other Lion …

  • Kakita Chunigo

    Kakita Chunigo is [[:kakita-tiru | Tiru's]] third cousin, and trained as a Yojimbo. He has spent the last several years in the northern mountains, and now carries a ring sword as well as his Daisho.

  • Kakita Tenkazu

    An introvert, having completed his warrior pilgramage, he returned to the Kakita dueling acadamy in the Spring of 1172, and his sensei challanged him to a duel to see what he had learned. Handily trouncing his sensei, he was asked how he had one. He …

  • Kakita Taro

    Destined from birth to be the next Goekon of Lonely Lotus Gardens, he has always been jealous of his brother, [[:kakita-tiru | Tiru]]. He is happy to now have the family ancestral blades, and considers his chances good at the tournament for the Empress's …

  • Daidoji Kojo

    A student of Kakita Tiru's when he taught at the Kakita dueling academy, Koso displayed loyalty when meeting him as a ronin, and earned herself an invite to the Steel Wind dojo.

  • Kakita Yoruhime

    A competent bushi, she respected Noburu for his skill as a warrior. When defending their lands in the War of Silk and Steel, Yoruhime was killed. She waited in the realm of slaughter, watching her husbands slow decent into opium.

  • Kakita Mizunokao

    Kakita Mizunokao is a major asset to her clane. A superb actress who holds her own in the courts, her star continues to rise, and friends flock to this woman, hoping to follow her influence into the highest levels of court.

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