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  • Matsu Ise

    Matsu Ise is a beautiful samuria ko who attends tournaments throughout Lion lands to recruit potential young bushi for the Matsu duelist school. Her current star pupil is [[:matsu-kara | Matsu Kara]], whom she met in [[Sayorinogashi | Sayorinogashi]] in …

  • Matsu Tama

    Matsu Tama was close with [[:hida-oki | Hida Oki]]. They drank together, fought together, and found kindred spirits in each other. When he died, she blamed [[:akodo-iroden | Akodo Iroden]] and drunkenly punched him in the face. He let her embaresment …

  • Matsu Juri

    Member of the Lion's pride, Juri is first and foremost a warrior. She expected the same of her daughter, and wanted her to marry someone who would support [[:matsu-kara | Kara]] of the field of battle. She disapproves of [[:kakita-tiru | Tiru]].

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