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  • Toturi Namiko

    Akodo Namiko was born Ikoma, and studied at the Omoidasu school She married [[:akodo-sozen | Akodo Sozen]] and her family was ecstatic when Sozen's cousin [[:akodo-hoshi | Akodo Hoshi]] was named the damiyo of [[Fukuharashi | Fukuharashi]]. While she is …

  • Ikoma Biru

    Ikoma Biru has been the Provincial Govenor of [[Sayorinogashi | Sayorinogashi]] since 1146. He considers his position a great honour, and does his best to impart this onto his sons. Biru is very concerned with [[:ikoma-benjiro | Ikoma Benjiro]] and …

  • Ikoma Ryuko

    Ryoko is the Govenor for the city of [[Kitamori | Kitamori]]. She is generally warm and friendly. She serves her Provincial Damiyo, [[:ikoma-biru | Ikoma Biru]] well. She arranged an extremely beneficial marraige between her daughter, [[:ikoma-ruri | …

  • Ikoma Ruri

    Ikoma Ruri is a sleepy looking girl, who seems very content to let others look after things for her. Her mother, [[:ikoma-ryuko | Ikoma Ryuko]] did all the work to arrange her engagement to [[:bayushi-yoshimi | Bayushi Yoshimi]] in 1170. She hasn't seen …

  • Ikoma Suigin

    Ikoma Suigin is the pride of his school. He is well loved at courts, as a contreversal and forward figure, who can defend his bold statements and clever insults with a fast sword. Unmarried, he has agreedto take over as the sensie at the Omoidasu Dojo …

  • Ikoma Kinzo

    The son of [[:ikoma-biru | Ikoma Biru]], the man who will rule [[Sayorinogashi | Sayorinogashi]] when his father retires, Kinzo has displayed some signs of jealousy, even publicly, towards [[:akodo-hoshi | Akodo Hoshi]].

  • Ikoma Bokaru

    There was nothing extrodaniary about Ikoma Bokaru's career until his first duel to train to for the Empress's hand tournament. his natural talent made him much more popular.

  • Matsu Korishiku

    Matsu Korishiku should be retiring any day now, but first he wants to see the Matsu regain the clan championship, as he finds the Akodo of the current generation to be too despeerate to seek the glory of their ancestors.

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