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  • Moshi Kikiyo

    [[:kitsu-diaki | Kitsu Diaki]] meet Kikiyo while studying in Mantis Lands, and feel in love with her at a young age. She has always been a part of his life, but he managed to offend her betrothed, who demanded a duel to the death. To everyone's shock, …

  • King of the Ocean

    When Kuni wished to hide a powerful scroll, he sailed east, beyond Rokugan, until he met the King of the Ocean. This Orochi agreed to protect the artifact, and test those who came to retrieve it.

  • Jiro

    His mother was exiled for some as of yet undisclosed reason. Jiro returned to Rokugan, but had never been beyond the lands of Silk and Spice. He was working with the Orochi pirates, but when captured by [[:kitsu-diaki | Kitsu Diaki]]. He agreed to …

  • Yoritomo Hanako

    Hanako, the elder of the Mantis Clan Champion's twins, trained at her clan's Bushi school, and shows exceptional talent according to her sensie. She is extremely pragmatic, and hopes to lead her clan someday. She already commands a kobune, and it is …

  • Orochi Cero

    Orochi Cero is charged with defending Orochi's Teeth from invaders. A gruff man who speaks his mind and prefers to get to the point, he is the Commander of the islands' defenses, as well as one of the most respected by other Orochi.

  • Orochi Saito

    An experienced bushi and sea captain, Orochi Saito serves the [[:serpent-of-the-east | The Serpent of the East]] loyally. Appears to be in her early forties, with the typical weathered/tanned appearance of a Mantis bushi. When asked about Yoritomo Saito, …

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