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  • Kiken na Roka

    The Treacherous Pass was a very dangerous route to travel, but it was also the shortest way to the traditional lands of the Emerald Champion from those of the Phoenix Clan. A local legend says that a merchant once lost his life in the pass and his ghost …

  • Isawa Banasu

    Isawa Banasu never had the insight into the mystical her family is famous for. Instead she has an insight into people. She serves her family as a courtier, and is more active and aggressive than most of her kinsmen find appropriate. She enjoys defying …

  • Shiba Ogoe

    Shiba Ogoe is a very quiet young woman, who never takes control of the conversation, but is quiet happy when asked to provide her views on Theology, History, and Theatre.

  • Agashi Soseki

    Sometimes called "The Ocean's Depth", Agashi Soseki has a thousand yard stare, and has a reputation for doing the impossible. In 1170, a brazen but skilled Mirumoto bushi, who was among the best in his school, insulted Soseki's sister. Soseki declared a …

  • Shiba Ginko

    A bland woman with a talent for iaijitsu, Shiba Ginko is quietly upset that the most important iaijitsu tournament in her lifetime procludes her based on her gender.

  • Shiba Yoma

    Yoma has always been a peace maker. In 1158, he recommended that the Fortune of Steel's Celestial Jitte be used to heal the rift between his clan and the office of the Jade Magistrate. This is the first act he is remembered as representing the Elemental …

  • Isawa Kana

    Isawa Banasu's sister Kana is a quiet Fire Shugenja who has just completed her Gempekku. The girl is beautiful, but ... not so much reserved as detached. She watches rooms of people, saying little or nothing, preferring to merely smoke her pipe. Some …

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