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  • Bayushi Kaeru

    Bayushi Kaeru is a quiet shugenja, who speaks in a whisper. Kaeru's gender is unknown even to his closest companions. Kaeru came with [[:buyushi-tosen | Buyushi Tosen]] to protect [[:bayushi-yoshimi | Bayushi Yoshimi]] and was aware this was a cover …

  • Soshi Ikura

    Soshi Ikura is the jade magistrate currently coordinating Shiro Yogo and the surrounding area. The magistrates are spread thin, so even though Soshi is [[:hida-maki | Hida Maki's]] sensie, he has little time to spend with her directly

  • Bayushi Kita

    Set to complete her Gempekku in the spring of 1172, the fourth daughter of the Soshi Damiyo has been engaged to [[:buyushi-tosen | Bayushi Tosen]]. The arrangements were made through their families, and as of the winter of 1171 the have not met. The …

  • Soshi Rigori

    People say Rigori only passed his gempekku due to his father's intervention. THey say he has flubbed every position he's ever had. They say Scorpion house in 1172 is his last chance

  • Soshi Nori

    One of the most promising students of the Shosuro Acting School in 1172, she has come to Lion lands to study Kabuki. A beautiful woman, she has a collection of well painted porcelan masks that cover her eyes.

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