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  • Diagotsu Jin's Obsidian Blade

    This tainted blade of pure obsidian tainted [[:kakita-tiru | Kakita Tiru]] and [[:akodo-iroden | Akodo Iroden]]. It also killed [[:hida-oki | Hida Oki]]. When it's owner, [[:diagotsu-jin | Diagotsu Jin]] was defeated, Tiru and [[:usagi-ariso | Usagi …

  • The Sword of Kalima

    Kalima is the many armed daughter of Fu-Leng and the Moon, imprisoned far to the north of Rokugan. When she faced [[:kakita-tiru | Kakita Tiru]] and [[:usagi-ariso | Usagi Ariso]], the hare struck her and she dropped one of her blades, which Tiru …

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