Meaning Fertile Fields City, is the Western most part of Sayorinogashi province. Ikoma Benjiro ruled the province from 1150 to 1169, and queitly removing opponents, and consolidating his power. The district was shut down, and no one realized he was using maho. When Bayushi Otsune and a Kuni Witch hunter revealed him, his lands went to the bushi that killed him, Akodo Hoshi.

Hoshi took over the province in 1170, and repelled a Unicorn invasion the next year.

Points of Interest

Damiyo’s Palace
Palace of Honoured Guests
Palace of Loyal Servants
Scorpion House
Orchid Blossom Tea House
Steel Wind Dojo

Fukuharashi Tournament

Nearby Locations
High Walls Village
Autumn Breeze Village
Western Paw Village
Oki no Jinga Village
Tomo no Jinga
Higashinomori Village


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