The Kingdom of Yoritomo

After the Trial of the Tsunami occurred during the Winter Court of 1173, it was decided by The Empress, at the advice of Hida Ryozo that the Mantis Clan could no longer exist after the full extent of its disobedience had been revealed. After discussing the matter with several advisors, it was decided by the Empress that the Mantis clan be dissolved.

Subsequently, those who chose to remain in the Isles of Silk and Spice no longer claimed to be the Mantis, instead declaring themselves an independent nation, the Kingdom of Yoritomo. While many of the original members of the Centipede, Fox, and Wasp clans returned to their original given lands, several also chose to stay and become members of the Kingdom.

For the moment, there is a cold war between the Kingdom and the Empire; the Kingdom doesn’t have the manpower to invade the coast for any purpose. Yet they are still the most formidable group on the seas, practicing piracy on those ships still sailing between the various parts of the Empire.

Important members of the Kingdom include the former Mantis Clan Champion, Yoritomo Naizen, his remaining daughter Yoritomo Haruko, her husband Yoritomo Kosho, and Akodo Sozen, the rikugunshokan of the Kingdom’s army and ostensibly its navy.

The Kingdom of Yoritomo

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