After the last of the Toturi Dynasty passed, Rokugan was in confusion. A new Emperor was needed, and the Great Clans struggled to find a new ruler.

On New Years of 1170, the race for the throne became heated. Harsh words between a Unicorn and a Phoenix saw steel drawn before the Steel Throne. Courtiers shouted, and threats rang out. Then an authorative voice from the back of the room commanded “Stop!”

A woman in the kimono of the Hantei family strode through the room. She was young, maybe twenty, but there was an air of authority to her, and the shugenja present bowed instantly, quickly followed by all the others. The woman sat on the throne, and the Kaiu Steel turned to emerald.

“I am Hantia XL, named Tenkohime, the Maiden of Heaven. I have returned to guide you.”

So began the reign of the Heavenly Empress.

The story we follow is that of the alliance forming after the destruction of Ikoma Benjiro in Fukuharashi, a city on the border between Lion and Unicorn lands, and the lives of the samurai who may come to shape this generation.

The Era of the Heavenly Empress

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