The Era of the Heavenly Empress

Daigotsu Jin's Vengance

Diagotsu Jin revealed himself at the meal by removing the face he had placed over his own with maho. Furious Akodo Sozen drew steel and leapt across the table to attack him. Jin threw him back with a snarl, saying “I thought you’d want to finish your last meal.” Sozen charged again, and the room leapt to action. Bayushi Yoshimi, Bayushi Saiori and Akodo Namiko ran for the door. Buyushi Tosen and Togashi Sakura readed themselves to fight. Bayushi Kaeru began to pray quietly in the corner. Kitsu Kosho dove under the table.

Sozen ran at Jin again, and Jin disarmed him and pushed him back. Yoshimi ran out the door, and in the hallway saw a large cloud of smoke. In stead of investigating, he jumped out the second story window, nearly twisting his ankle on an akward landing, and ran to the Ryokan to get Hida Maki. Saiori wasn’t quick enough, and Jin threw her back. Akodo Iroden charged Jin, who smiled with contempt and cut him down. As Iroden lay their bleeding, Jin taunted Sozen once more, saying that if the Lion surrendered, he’d let Sozen’s son live.

Kaeru finished his prayer, and mystic shards of jade slashed into the tainted bushi. Furius, he slid under Sozen’s raging charge, grabed the Lion by the neck, and threw him at Kaeru, who barely avoided being hit. Togashi Sakura and Bayushi Tozen struck in unison, widening the chinks in Jin’s dark armor, and Kaeru begged the earth kami to launch another bolt of Jade into Jin.

The purity of the spirits was more than the currupt form of Daigotsu Jin could take. The bolt entered him, and he began to glow green, and then burst, leaving behind a sludge of melted black scum flecked with Jade where he stood.

Hida Maki returned with Yoshimi, and ensured Jin was gone. However, a search of the palace revealed Akodo Oki was missing. Tosen stayed behind to protect Saiori, and Sozen led the search.

Kosho went to the geisha house and found out that the geisha that Iroden had seen with the ronin Tsuge had left just before the event. Iroden was now shure the woman was Diagotsu Aki With Sakura, Maki, Kaeru and Yoshimi, they followed Aki’s trail, and found her camped in a peasant hut with a ninja, a bushi and a maho. Even though the maho summoned an Oni, the Lion group quickly over came them. They ransomed Oki back to his family for their freedom.

Kitsu Kosho, Maki, and Kaeru followed the fleeing lost and killed them all except Aki, who escaped into the woods.

Back at Fukuharashi, Tosen ceeded to Yoshimi in the semi-final. Sakura was placed back in the tournament and fought Yoshimi in the final round. Sakura won this round.


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