The Era of the Heavenly Empress

Investigations and Iajitsu

The Fukuharashi Tournament continued. Togashi Sakura and Matsu Kara met in the final match. Sakura’s calm demanour broke Kara’s focus, and he became both the Fukuharashi Weaponmaster and Champion.

While the tournament proceeded, Yogo Hibatsu began to ask Bayushi Yoshimi very serious questions about how he detected Bayushi Otsune was a maho-tsuiki. Unable to find any holes in Yoshimi’s story, Hibatsu began to spread his tendrils futher afield.

He contacted Hida Maki, and made vieled threats against her career as a magistrate, until he had her all but implicate Akodo Hoshi for failing to follow Imperial law where the Taint is involved. Unable to protect the face of the Scorpion clan and clear Otsune’s name, he advised caution. He delayed the marriage between Bayushi Saiori and Hoshi, as well as Yoshimi’s marriage. For the time being, he remains the head of Scorpion House and has had Yoshimi reassigned.

Sakura’s victory in the tournament put him in the social spotlight. Saiori, Akodo Namiko and Doji Kwanchai all began to seek audience with the young astetic to convince him of their political agenda for the Goekens of Autumn Breeze and Oki’s shrine village. Sakura calmly took their council, and plans to meditate on the decision.

Hoshi recieved a letter from the Emerald Champion, to have Kitsu Kosho visit him in Ryoko Owari. Hoshi has agreed to send him. Since Saiori has been recalled, Hoshi decided to send Akodo Iroden in hopes that the two of them will be able to repair the relationship with the Bayushi family, counting on both Saiori and Yoshimi’s help.

Doji Domotai, the Crane Clan Champion summoned Kwanchai to speak with her. She has asked him to provide moral guidance to her nephew, Doji Gomashi in Ryoko Owari that winter, and provided him with the tools necessary.


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