Agashi Soseki

Intense Pheonix duelist


Born 1149


Sometimes called “The Ocean’s Depth”, Agashi Soseki has a thousand yard stare, and has a reputation for doing the impossible. In 1170, a brazen but skilled Mirumoto bushi, who was among the best in his school, insulted Soseki’s sister. Soseki declared a duel immediately, to the death, and the dragon accepted. Soseki won, killing the dragon before an inch of steel cleared. This duel was retroactively sanctioned by Togashi Satsu, who felt the Pheonix was justified, and considered a lesson to those who forgot that the heavens will grant victor to those with honour over those with skill.

In 1172, he was assigned as the Yojimbo to Shiba Yoma for the Winter Season.

Agashi Soseki

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