Damiyo's Palace (Fukuharashi)

The Damiyo of Fukuharashi’s palace is actually split into three parts; the Palace of Honoured Guests, Palace of Loyal Servants, and the Damiyo’s Palace proper. The Damiyo’s Palace is both the compound, and the main building. While all three are called palaces, they are more accurately manor houses, and though interconnected, the name is a bit of a hyperbole even for the whole compound.

In 1152, Ikoma Benjiro had the building created, so that he could keep his maho secret from the Govenor during his visits. Since the govenor would always stay in the main palace, the Palace of Loyal Servants was far enough and unimportant enough to keep secrecy.

After Benjiro’s death in 1169, Akodo Iroden led a force to retake the lands from the maho. While the maho-tsuki in the palace fled before Iroden arrived, there were a number of goblins he cleared out. Kitsu Diaki and several shugenja purified the ritual areas, and there have been no further problems.

The back garden has an escape tunnel that leads beyond the city. When it was first discovered, there was an ogre garding the exit, but Hida Oki killed it as soon as he found it.

Damiyo's Palace (Fukuharashi)

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